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How do you make Gmail business email and setup it?

to make Gmail business email:

  1. Sign in to the Google Account that you want to associate with the business registration (or create a Google Account if you don’t already have one, the business account is chosen, not Personal.).
    Then go to the official Google My Business page and click the Manage Now button.
  2. Type in your business name, then click on the Add your business to Google link.
  3. Type your business name again, then click the Next button
  4. Choose the category that best fits your business, and try to choose the most accurate category possible – you are basically telling Google what your customers are searching for (pizzeria-cafe-newborn clinic).
    Note: You can edit or add more later.
  5. Choose the option to add a geographical location
  6. Choose your business address (enter the data shown, and try to be as accurate as possible).
  7. Your business location on a map. A map of your geographical location that you selected in the next step will appear for you, and accordingly, locate your business accurately on Google Maps, then press the Next button.
  8. If you can offer your services to the following email, or select No, I don’t, and press Next to continue.
    Note: In the successful case, a step will appear for you to enable you to add the geographical areas that provide your services, and to amend that as you wish in the future.
  9. Show up in your gallery to your clients: (your business phone number, or create your business website (if you own one).
  10. A page of data and its management will appear, press the start button.
  11. There are several ways to find your business on Google, you can do this by putting that business mailing:
    – by phone.
    – E-mail.
  12. And verify the transfer by sending a postcard to your business address.
  13. Your data has fully resumed on your Google Business account.
  14. You have two options: Either you have a mailing list (it may show you different mailings), or you’re ready now.
  15. And an explanation of the important steps, here are the details of the steps and an explanation of the steps to complete the reading.

Verification steps by sending a postcard

make Gmail business email

After you make Gmail business email, you must verify it. This is the longest and most common way to verify that the business has already been verified, and the process takes 14 days to send the mail to email, and here are the following steps:

  1. If you are not already signed in to your Google My Business account sign in now, the business you want to verify. (If you already registered, check out).
  2. Make sure your business address is correct, adding the name of the place the card was sent to.
  3. Click “Mail”, the postcard should arrive within 10:14 days.
    Note: Make sure not to modify your business name or address or make another confirmation code, this may delay the process.
  4. When you receive your postcard, log into Google My Business. If you have more than one business, select the business you want to check, if you only have one, select Check Now.
  5. In the Code field, enter the five-digit verification code of your postcard, then click Submit.

If it never appears in the email, or you’ve lost it, you can request a new code by signing in to Google Business and clicking the blue “Request another code” banner at the top of the screen.

Verification steps by phone

Allow you to check in Google, a port is connected, over the phone, ready to work, and check the steps to complete the process in detail:

  1. If you’re already signed in to Google My Business, log in to the business you want from it. (If you already registered, check out).
  2. Make sure your phone number is correct, then choose to Verify your phone number.
  3. Enter the verification code for the message you uploaded.

This was an explanation of How to make Gmail business email and Verification it? with details, you can see Google Tutorials for more.

Do not forget to tell us in the comments whether our explanation helped you or not, and share it with your friends to spread the benefit.

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