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How to make YouTube shorts for beginners

What is YouTube shorts, how do I earn from it, and how do I get more views on YouTube shorts? Many people ask how to make YouTube shorts and how to start making money from YouTube.

Welcome to the Tutorial City blog. Today’s article will explain “What is YouTube Shorts and how do I earn money from it?” as well as “How to Get More Views in YouTube Shorts.”

A lot of people are wondering how to start making money with YouTube short videos and how to make money from YouTube shorts, and a lot of people are looking for how to create short videos on YouTube as well as when YouTube Shorts were launched.

Is it available in Arab countries, so we will tell you how to download the feature on YouTube and how I can watch short clips on YouTube shorts, and are there free features on YouTube Shorts to earn money and where the YouTube Shorts feature is famous for getting a lot of profits.

What is YouTube shorts?

What is YouTube shorts?
What is YouTube shorts?

The initial launch of YouTube shorts took place in India after competing software TikTok was banned, so YouTube managed to get a lot of feedback. The YouTube shorts test experience was successful in India, prompting YouTube to roll out the new feature around the world

If you don’t know what “YouTube shorts” mean, it’s simply a feature that allows beginners and digital creators to create short, engaging videos using a mobile phone. To find out if you should use YouTube Shorts, check if the device has the “Create a video short” entry.

When did YouTube shorts start

YouTube Shorts started in September 2020, as one of the features of the YouTube application, which competes with (TikTok) and (Instagram Reels), the first round of testing in India.

  1. The experimental feature enabled users to watch and create 15-second video clips with music overlays.
  2. The service is currently in a beta phase in Arab countries. It was first shown on July 14, 2021, after Google expanded the selection to include 100 countries around the world.
  3. Some widgets added to YouTube shorts
  4. Multi-segment camera for multiple video series
  5. Option to record with music that can be selected from a large library of songs
  6. Speed ​​controls that give you

How to make YouTube shorts

  • The video must be shot vertically
  • You can shoot a 60-second video clip, which is a combination of 15-second clips
  • You can also use music from the YouTube library

How to watch short clips on YouTube shorts

To watch short YouTube videos made by creators from all over the world, simply open the YouTube app and tap YouTube Shorts at the bottom of the screen.

To switch scenes and clips, you have to swipe your finger from bottom to top, similar to the TikTok program

How to earn from YouTube Shorts

The advertisement displayed inside YouTube Shorts does not support creators to earn money, but the YouTube platform has provided a special fund of $100 million to privileged users to create the best short films.

At the end of this article from the Profit Square website, I hope you have benefited from knowing what YouTube shorts are and how to earn from them, as well as the most important additions to YouTube shorts and when the YouTube Shorts feature was added, in addition to how to use YouTube shorts for beginners and how you can watch short clips.

And how to profit from YouTube shorts, now you can watch short clips without having to run a VPN, Take the opportunity and watch the latest short clips around the world.

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